Here are some examples of server software you may need.

www -pages

We can install your server software, design and implement your web -pages. For example Odoo, WordPress, Joomla. 

E -shop

We can implement your e-shop. For example Odoo eCommerse, Magento, WooCommerse.

Own cloud -service

Nextcloud server provides you secure way to store and utilize your data. And your privacy is respected and in your own control.

Here are some examples of server software your organization may need to increase its productivity.

Odoo  Business Management Software

Odoo consist of integrated applications that cover the whole business. Implemented as open source. It has web interface so there is no need to install any client software. Browser will do.

Project Management and collaboration
tools teams

Tools to increase productivity of your teams and projects. Project Management, timesheets, sharing and creating documents together on your own cloud.

Ticket support System for Customer Service

osticket is most used, flexible, web-based, easy, available with local languages and use email -system, etc.

We have maintained Linux Servers since 2002

We have several years practice how to install secure server software . Tell us your needs and hopes for your server and we tell you the price for implementing it.