Learning Environment

Facts and Statistics

Development of this Learning Environment started 2002 (version 1.0). The Environment is most popular in the world. It's open source.

It's developed by the community.  Developers are teachers, trainees and educators. The background exist in pedagogic.  At  2016 there were over 100 million registered users. Facts about Software.

The Learning Environment is diverse, expanded and easy to use.  Web -based user Interface has been localized to many languages. Software is easy to use for teachers and students. Documentation 

Clear, logical and easy Course view

Odoo CMS - a big picture

It's easy to do assignments which support learning

There are many types of exercises, tasks or assignments like essays-, quizs- or choices.

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Talent is the result of learning not condition for it!

 Demo  of the Learning Environment

Try learning Environment on the community's official site.

Demo of nextcloud 

Try nextcloud demo on the project's official site. The service can be installed to any server.

Services on our e-shop

What services we sell and what is the price of them. View the details of services like Lisense to use Learning environment/year in our e-shop. 


Everyone can learn with own speed and through your whole live!

Courses in e-shop

What courses we sell at the moment in our e-shop. We insert new courses and remove old ones. So keep on eye to our course content. View the current Course selection.


Esimerkki koulutusvideosta.

Tell us what courses you hope?

Tell the subject of the course you would like we should have. Whta kind of course is needed. We look if we can implement the course. The presenting the course wishes is not obligation to buy it or partizipate on it.


In our Learning Environment you can easily manage the access to your courses. For example only those who have paid the course fee or those who you have given the course key can participate. You can connect the access to the course in payment in e-shop.  You can use our e-shop if you like. Commission that we take is reasonable. We can make you a good offer. Ask.

You can easily backup your courses and move them to any other server which have Learning environment installed on it. If you can't we can help you on it. So you have the control to your courses and your material. No one else. You are the owner and master of your course. You can decide who has access to your course and course materia as a student or other teacher/trainee. We respect your full rights to your courses. And when you decide to take your materia, have backups and have moved it to somewhere else we erase it totally from our servers.

As a user of Konkarit.net you have also access to our nextcloud server for easy sharing of files (material, documents, videos, etc.) and having a video meeting.