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Secure, efficient and easy for users. With reasonable  price

Is your data save? Do you decide by yourself what to do with your valuable information?

Only way to guarantee your privacy and security is to remain control to your or your company's Data.

We are concerned about a progress where data, server software and hardware all together are outsourced out of control. This way all control to your own data has in practice gone. Quite a many doesn't recognize the tremendous risks that exist in this progress.  Many could thing that there isn't any way they can do to restrict this.

There is always choices. Nowadays solutions to desktop and server environments are available on reasonable price.  Open source projects are maintained by communities. Voluntary persons  and companies, who earn their incomes by other way than selling software have created tremendous quality software. And the software are free to install and use. And open source. Nothing hiding inside the software. No malware, no back ports.  And nowadays community can have better resources to develop software than software companies.  It's quite impressive when open source software have millions of users and tens of thousands programmers.  Those are the figures that software houses are not normally capable to reach. In Server site open source software is very commonly used.  Also Server Software is free. There is experts on the market and it's possible to reduce hardware costs by clustering servers. Modern Linux based operation system use hardware both efficiently and economically. Taking more power with less energy.

A lot of resources are used to change this bad progress. Many interesting projects like nextcloud are targetting to increase the control of your own data. You can install your own cloud. Nextcloud is open source and and you can install it to your own hardware if you like. This way your data processing is in your own control. You can separate the source code - which is open source - administrators of data and hardware. You can decide how to organize data management.  Also Odoo Business Management system is open source.

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Maintain of servers

We install and maintain efficient server systems for customers with a very reasonable price. You can outsource the maintaining of your servers. And without omitting anything about the requirements of security. We will create the solid and hard base like a rock. Your IT  infrastrucure is easy and secure to build on it.

We install server operation system (Linux),  make it harder for security. We also install desired server softwares (like Apache and WordPress). We install all the software to customer's own hardware, server of Compuline or to cloud service (we assist to get cloud service for customer if necessary even with turnkey solution).

We check and maintain the security of servers by regularly scanning them to find any security vulnerabilities. We update and upgrade the software automatically. We react to the threads by installing necessary patches automatically. We organize the automatic backupof servers  if customer wants. We can agree the content of support with customers individually

Because of this service customer will have own server. Only the maintaining of server and its software is outsourced.  Customer can rely that his data is save and secure and concentrate to make business.

Software and System solutions

With our help you can choose the best solutions on the market. Often the best choice for you is open source software. There is lot of them. One for every purpose. We help you to choose the right ones. Are you ready to take a jump to the next level of productivity.

If you choose open source you choose also standard approach and will get get better operability between softwares.

We advise, guide, train and install for our customers software they need like project management, team working and collaborative software. All of these increase productivity.  The Installations can be made to workstations, servers or to the cloud of customer).

There is applications that covers the whole business of company. We can install business Management softwares (odoo),  which consist for example software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, Inventory, Orders, Suppliers, Invoices, Web- pages, e-shop etc.  And all these have been integrated so that they work well together.

If customer wants we can install efficient applications to cloud of the Customer. For example Project Manager, ticket supporting system, the system which manage and share resources on your cloud (files, documents, music, photos, videos). Your team can also work with documents in collaboration at the same time. Or maybe your organization needs a good video conferencing system, or lighter system for meetings with mobile devices. Ask for an offer for installing and maintaining systems for you or your organization.

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Learning environment and trainining

We have several years experience and knowledge about maybe the best learning environment on the market. Trainee can rent learning environment to implement the course of his/her own or to use ready to go template when making his/her own course. 

We also organize courses for newbies and professionals. Our teacher are of course specialists but they also have pedagogic skills and several years experience to work as a techer or trainee. A Student can buy the right to use desired course from our pool of courses.

We offer the virtual classroom and learning environment.
You can upload to environment material in many formats  (presentations, documents, videos, photos, recordings, links, etc ) and create exercixes, tasks and tests for students. The learning environment has also  good tools for individual guidance of  Students (for example possibility to use virtual classroom where  it is possible to share documets, your or your students desktop and voide and videostream).

In our e-shop you can buy an key for non-free courses available on our learning environment, There is also written course material and ebooks for your studies to buy.  If you have good material of your own which you have copyright you can offer it for sale in our e-shop. Commission that we take is reasonable. We can make you a good offer. Ask,