About us

Secure and save services on reasonable price.

Compuline Ltd has been based at 1993. It started as a high technology Software Company. It had own software development, expert services and training. We mainly used Microsoft development environments and languages.

Compuline Ltd has practise and knowledge about software development and leading the software development projects.

Since 2002 we have changed our business towards Open Source, Linux and Linux Servers. We have quite a lot knowledge about different kind of open source server site softwares and how to install and maintain those.

We know how to build reliable server, easy to use and flexible own cloudservice for organization. We have practise how to maintain servers.

We know available selection of open source softwares and have knowledge about those. We know the good and bad sides of those. We can choose the most suitable ones for the needs of customers and help when deploying those. We arrabge also training, support and maintaining services.

Since2002 we have specialized to arrange training of open source and Linux and give support services.

Our teachers are experts but also have pedagogic skills and have several years practise as teachers too.

We have specialized to give support to maintain Linux Servers (Centos, Debian or  Ubuntu) and services like odoo -business management system, moodle,  mahara, elgg, zentyal, zimbra, proxmox, testlink, dotproject, Bugzilla, Owncloud, Nextcloud, magento, iRedMail, 389 Directory,  BigBlueButton etc.

We have installation service of Linux Servers and server software.
We know how to install and maintain save and secure. Security and privacy is our priority subjects.

- secure and save servers
- maintaining up to date environment (operating system and software)
- support services

Konkarit.net -pages  have used since  2002 as Learning Environment and for testing server systems and for teaching of maintaining servers.

Konkarit.net servers are 100% Finnish and are located in Finland. The administration of servers is done directly by Compuline Ltd.

If customer have own domain -name, which he has administration rights, for example company.fi, we can implement server and services so that they use that domain name..