Secure, efficient and easy for users. With reasonable  price

Maintain of Servers

The maintaining of server and its software is outsourced to us.  Customer can rely that his data is save and secure and concentrate to make business.

B2B server services for companies.  VPS hosting from 35e/month including the maintain of software.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Video Streaming Services

If you need the reliable service when streaming events, conferences or training why not to use your own server. 

The Server works also good storage for your videos or video podcasts.
You can decide how much space, bandwidth or resources you need.

Servers to provide your own video broadcasting.

Internet Radio Station Servers

Broadcast your own music, shows, interviews.   Base your own Internet radio station which streams your material. You can make weekly schedule of shows.  You can record shows beforehand or they can be LIVE broadcasting.

Servers where Internet Radio Station Software is installed and maintained from 50e/month.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Learning Environments and virtual classrooms

Servers which have vrtual classroom and learning environment installed and maintained.

Servers for small and large training organisations.

About us

We install and maintain servers and server Softare.  
We organize also courses for newbies and professionals.

We have several years experience and knowledge how to maintain secure Servers and Server software. Security comes allways first. 

Projekteihin kokoamme aina parhaan kokoonpanon hyödyntäen mm. laajaa yhteistyöverkostoamme. Saat parhaat saatavilla olevat asiantuntijat käyttöösi. Yhtiönä Compuline Oy on veteraani,  toimintaa jo vuodesta 1993 saakka. 

As a company Compuline Ltd is a veteran,  because we have been in business since 1993.

Secure, efficient and easy for users. With reasonable price.


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